Saturday, January 29, 2011

Extra Mats for Students

Guess what I requested for my birthday last week? Extra yoga mats for my upcoming yoga classes.

I received 4 new mats, giving me a total of 6 extra mats for my students to borrow! If you're thinking you'd like to sign-up for a class, but don't have a mat, email me! I'd love to help out. I don't want the simple fact of you not having a mat be the reason you didn't sign up for yoga.

(Last night I saw the rest of my family and received 4 extra mats, now Be the Tree Yoga has 10 extras!!!)

If you haven't read the entry from last week about Yoga & Teens, read it!! If you know of a teen who's interested in yoga, send it to them. If you're a teen who wants to learn yoga, ask your parents to sign you up for a class today or email me with questions!

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