Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Beginnings

Beginning the week of January 17th, I will be teaching yoga through Brenham Community Education. I have designed five classes for the spring, see list below.

I chose the name, Be the Tree Yoga, for several reasons. I will admit, I am a tree-hugger. Have you ever hugged one? Try it. I promise not to tell anyone. You'll be amazed by the unique experience. For me, a tree represents humans as we also develop roots, strengthen our trunks and branch out to a wider vision of life as we grow. Trees are responsible for providing fresh air to breathe. Last but not least, my favorite pose is the Tree Pose. It promotes balance, strength and focus. Be the Tree...

I plan on using this blog to share the joy of yoga with others. It will serve to connect teacher and student. Please feel free to comment on Be the Tree Yoga blog; your comments and ideas are appreciated. Remember to become a follower and check in weekly for updates and new information. Please feel free to email me with specific questions at

Be the Tree...set your roots, find balance & inner peace.

Spring Class List:
"Um...Like, OM" Yoga--A beginner's innovative class designed for tween & teen girls.
Beginner's Hatha Yoga--A gentle, traditional Hatha yoga class for beginners.
Contemporary Yoga--A class designed to incorporate the ancient practice of yoga with modern music.
Parent & Me Yoga--A gentle, yet fun class for parent and child.
Yogic Dance--A yoga sequencing class using basic postures along with modern music.

*Classes will be held in the Brenham Community Education Building, room 7. Email questions to Candy Fite or contact Brenham Community Ed. at 979-277-6531 or visit them online:

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